About JCI

JCI (Junior Chamber International) Bandar Klang is a local chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global organization of young active citizens who are engaged and committed to creating impact in their communities. JCI is a non-profit organization that provides its members with opportunities for personal and professional development, as well as leadership training and community service opportunities.

JCI Bandar Klang was established to empower and engage young people in the Bandar Klang area to take an active role in improving their community. The organization focuses on a variety of areas, such as community development, business development, and personal development. JCI Bandar Klang organizes events and activities that align with these focus areas, such as community service projects, networking events, and training programs.

The organization is run by a board of directors who are elected annually. The board is responsible for setting the strategic direction of the organization and for ensuring that its programs and activities align with its mission and goals. Members of JCI Bandar Klang are encouraged to take on leadership roles and to actively participate in the organization's events and activities.

In Malaysia JCI is often called Jaycees, which stands for Junior Chamber of Commerce. Jaycees chapter is all around Malaysia and some of them are very active and have huge impact on their community.

Overall, JCI Bandar Klang is a great opportunity for young people in the Bandar Klang area to get involved in their community and to develop their leadership and professional skills..
Junior Chamber International (JCI) is a global membership-based non-profit organization of young active citizens ages 18 to 40 who are dedicated to creating positive change in their communities. Through projects in more than 5,000 communities across more than 100 countries, members seek targeted solutions to local problems, creating a global impact
Junior Chamber International Malaysia (JCI Malaysia) is a National Organization of the Junior Chamber International local organizations in Malaysia. JCI Malaysia was chartered in the year 1976 and is affiliated with Junior Chamber International (JCI), a global leadership development organization for young active citizens aged 18 to 40, founded since 1915 in St Loius, US by Henry Giessenbier. JCI Malaysia is managed by its National Board of Directors who are all volunteers, serving based on JCI's "One Year to Lead" values.

JCI Vision

To be the leading global network of young active citizens.

JCI Mission

To provide development opportunities that empower young people to create positive change.

JCI Member Opportunity

As an active JCI Member which allow to identify their own path to explore and learning.